Precision Slicing Knife

  • For right-hand use only
  • Suitable for meats, cheese, breads, fruits and vegetables
  • Adjustable titanium-coated aluminum portioning guide
  • Cutting widths up to 16 mm (0.62″)
  • 21 cm (8 1/4″) 5Cr17 premium stainless steel serrated blade
  • 15 cm ABS ergonomic handle – 36cm (14”) total knife length
  • Fast, easy disassembly for manual or dishwasher cleaning
  • Ten (10) year warranty against corrosion
  • FDA Compliance
  • Includes free standard international shipping (*)

(*) International shipping options may be restricted by regulations

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BaouRouge’ Precision Slicing Knife for right-hand use. 3rd version. Main differences with previous version: new high-end 5Cr17 stainless steel blade, non-slippery design hexagonal screw for easier & safer handling – even using wet hands & adjusted rails grip.

  • Suitable for most types of foods, hard and soft, baked and raw, including cooked or dry cured meats, hams, salami and saucisson, all sorts of breads and toasts, cheese, fruits, vegetables and much more.
  • Enhances the ”personality”, eye appeal and overall presentation of servings with precise thickness and uniformity of sliced foods.
  • Helps regulate food costs by enabling experienced and novice cooks adjust portion thickness.
  • No more mismatched slices. Beautiful meals and cost containment with one extraordinary tool.


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