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BaouRouge is old southern French meaning “Red Hill”, from the red earth of Provence. It is also the brand name behind products with true utility, value & beauty. BaouRouge designs are created from scratch, or thoughtfully enhanced to bring out the best functionalities. 


BaouRouge' Precision Slicing Knife

The Precision Slicing Knife with adjustable titanium-coated aluminium guide allows cutting widths from razor-thin up to 16mm (1/2″), making fast, identical straight slices with exact precision. Safely delivers portion control and enhances serving presentations with consistency and uniformity in the slice thickness of breads, meats, roasts, cured ham, sausage vegetables, fruits, cheese and other foods.

Bread slicing knife with guide, suited for cold meats and sausage slicing
Clip Embroidery Frames

BaouRouge' Needlework Frames / Stand

A line of universal clip frames and cross-compatible stand for embroidery, quilting, cross-stitch, silk-painting and more. Durable PVC mounts, ribbed clamps hold your work tight without need to stitch it to the frame. Whatever your project, be it on a thin silk layer or a thick cotton sheet, the clips can be adjusted for a perfect hold. They are also rounded to avoid accidental tears when placing or removing the clips. Those details make a real difference!

Other BaouRouge Products

Various Heavy Duty Padlocks / Combination Padlocks, Telephone / Tablet Stands and other products exclusively designed by BaouRouge

Baourouge padlocks bags and stands

I am passionate about designing good tools & unique products, and proud to share the results with you. I hope you find your BaouRouge model useful.
Pierre-André Divisia
Founder, BaouRouge

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