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All communications from Amazon and the Courts.

This is the page where I will post all Courts documents, press articles, lawyer notifications and other emails that will come to me (after all, my case is still in a Judge’s hands). 

I also intend to put forward key comments and responses if they bring clarification and can help others.

Repeating my call now, if I may. Motivated to tell your own case? Recognize the methods described here? Already know that Amazon will stop at nothing to prevail, without morals or shame, and will blatantly lie to crush the truth every single time? Step in. Tell us about your situation, explain how you got screwed. Your case is in the legal system? Tell us. Details are usually publicly available if we get the references! Small vendor or ex-employee, legal justice is one route, but the press and the court of public opinion is definitely another. Those stories can possibly change things, staying silent means victory for the bullies, and the guarantee that the abuse will continue. 

A setback from June 2022 

28th June 2022 was the date when the court of Luxembourg told me me they would issue the Appeal ruling in my case against Amazon. I was again (and against my better judgement) naively hopeful as it took almost 6 years to reach this milestone! At the time, I posted that “I still believe Justice can prevail”.

Little did I expect such unexplainable ruling, which, to summarize 16 pages in a sentence, accepts Amazon’s opinion that as a plaintif living in Taiwan (being a EU National with a EU-registered company), I should be required to pay legal bond just for the court to review my case. 

In other words, while the Court says it did not review any other rationale, it nonetheless accepted the preposterous argument by Amazon that as an (EU) individual living outside the EU, I cannot benefit from rights granted to EU residents. It really leaves me wondering whether the legal system is so maddeningly blind or indeed so overwhelmed that it simply did not spent any time considering whether the inanities listed by Amazon’s very capable legal department had any basis.

What it means, is that instead of the expected ruling, the Court ordered the review of my case suspended INDEFINITELY until I can place the sum of 7000 € in legal escrow at the Caisse de Dépôts et Consignation in Luxembourg.

While the amount is inferior to the one asked by Amazon, this is simply not money that I have at hand. I also have to consider renewed legal fees, of which I am currently 4 606,64 € in arrear, from the law firm that represented me until now. All told, 7K + 4.6K + a likely minimum of 2K for the lawyer in the next step, that is almost 12 to 14,000 € that I would have to present, allegedly just to have the Court proceed, and having seen it’s ways, I have to say that I am starting to doubt very much that I stand a fighting chance. It is the tale of the earthen pot against the iron pot. Amazon’s legal department may be abject but excels in its domain, unencumbered by morals or any sense of honesty. Anyone reading the case would see through their continuous bad faith. And anyone knowing the reality of the situation, which is that the legal case in consideration is but a tiny subset of Amazon’ abuses against me, which I assess is one of the lesser from Amazon’ Modus Operandi in general. Only, I brought that case to the Law nearly 6 years ago, and I am since then not allowed  to add to this case and present other griefs that they have afflicted me with since.

They stole ~10K$ worth of goods from me, lying through their teeth to the court in frivolous claims after claims over 6 years, while in parallel, offering me to settle for 1/2, then for full amount, then full amount + compensation + help re-open my account if I absolve them of any wrongdoing, all the while countersuing me, blocking my business and taking other punitive measures in what objectively amounts to blackmail. Only, in legal terms, that would be “privileged” communication between lawyers, and therefore not acceptable for the Courts. Amazon knows that, and I am quite certain the Court knows that too, though it makes no difference. 

And now, as of June 28, 2022, I have to align 12 to 14K Euro simply for a next procedural  step that may well still turn against me?

Having already spent well over 30K Euro in legal fees over the years, above and beyond the original loss, while seeing my business being methodically destroyed by an implacable adversary. 

With hindsight, we’d all do things differently. 

Now the question is: should I give up?

After all this…

To that, I will answer, I expect unequivocally:

I will not be giving up! 

Below images: all 16 pages from the Ruling dated 28th June 2022, in French Original, machine translated into English, which also summarizes all parties’s positions and successive legally recorded actions. Read by yourself how Amazon frames its arguments. This shows, unedited, straight out of their own files, how Amazon operates!

What does: “Not giving up” means?

It means two things, basically. First, it means acknowledging that I cannot do this alone any more. I am simply not financially capable to sustain this battle on my own, and so I set up a GoFundMe to seek public help in bringing the legal fight to a close by raising the required money toward hopefully seeing Amazon finally condemned.

Second, because the Court of Luxembourg has suspended this case indefinitely until the required bail is deposited (and I have a capable lawyer to represent me), I will move this case to the Court of Public Opinion, reach out and make enough noise around this injustice and the system that allows such actions that the public response can maybe weight in.  In a world where Justice is openly mocked and the law is perverted by the very people that are doing the abuse, I’ll have to turn to the the fourth estate and place the last of my trust in what is allegedly the Watchdog of Democracy: The Press.

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Press Articles

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