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Welcome to a less formal space where you may find a compilation of tips and use cases around various BaouRouge products. This is also an exchange area. Please feel free to comment and ask any question.

This blog is under continuous development and will be growing. Please come back and check for updates.

Under the Precision Slicing Knife Category, I would like to start with a focus on the aluminum guide to discuss the care required to maintain the guide in perfect working order.

Another knife article I feel is worthy of interest is how to turn the knife into a mandoline slicer. Literally, just flip your knife over! It’s more than a fancy trick, it is an alternate way to use the precision slicing knife and is perfectly suited for rapid cuts of fruits and vegetables. It’s actually a matter of convenience, habit and personal preference, so feel free to try slicing both ways. Just a safety reminder: always proceed with extra care when handling a tool with a sharp blade!

A knife for the blind? One of the big misconception about handicap is that a visually challenged person is restricted from doing the things that a valid person can. The precision slicing knife is a real help for those with visual deficiency and is actually recommended to safely help everyone around the kitchen. 

How to demonstrate beyond words what a balanced knife we have made, show what a rigid cutting guide actually means, or how to demonstrate what is a strong hard blade? Hooking up a 5kg weight and seeing the result by yourself should do the trick! Having a rigid setup that will hold even under extreme duress is the best warranty we can offer for quality slicing!