Strong and balanced

A perfectly balanced knife holds steady at the connection between the blade and the handle, as demonstrated by the picture on the right (resting on a butcher hook and standing in balance between 2 glasses as shown by the elevated shadow). Even with an asymmetrical design and the addition of the aluminum guide, the Precision Slicing Knife is perfectly balanced and will rest comfortably in your hand.

I had also wondered how to best demonstrate the strength of the blade and the rigidity of the aluminum cutting guide. It is necessary as rigidity is truly key to performances! Finally, I remembered that I had an old 10 lbs weight rusting somewhere. hanging it should be compelling enough! With the hook, that is almost 5 kilograms of weight applied to both the blade and the guide separately. The blade will flex a little, but the cutting guide just does not move a millimeter! Those may not be the nicest pictures to illustrate a knife catalogue, but they are genuine. Imagine now the force needed to bend your blade while cutting food items.

BaouRouge' Precision Slicing' Perfectly Balanced Knife
Perfectly balanced, as all knives should be.
5 kgs weight
10 Lbs weight (~4.5kg)...
5 kgs weight applied on the knife guide
...hanging from the guide...
5 kg weight on a blade
...and hooked from the blade.

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